We wanted to ensure quick access and avoid cumbersome latches. We have good experience with Magnetic closures, and Prototyped a range of different strength options. We are confident GolfStash will not open accidentally - but also is really fast and easy to open up.

The Badge or Name Plate is 304 Stainless Steel. You can take Golfstash into your local engraver/shoe repair/keymaker who should easily be able to engrave your custom artwork or words.

GolfStash fits all versions of AirPods including AirPods 2nd gen, 3rd gen and AirPods Pro 2nd gen.

We have listed the dimensions the "pods" space will fit. We think it will fit most on the market. Please check the size there against specs. on the website of the brand you use.

Anything we have missed?

Please email us at orders@thegolfstash.com

GolfStash can be used in different ways to fit things how you want them to fit. It will fit 2.5" to 2.75" tees in the main tee compartment (top left). It will fit up to 3.5" tees in the middle compartment.